Three Cookies, a Frog, and a Crown

Where there are cookies, there are friends

A frog was hanging out in the pond one day when he noticed a really sad dude chilling on the bank. "What's your deal?" asked the frog. A little startled at a talking amphibian, the guy jumped back. "Relax, I am a frog and this is my pond and it's all going to be fine," assured the frog. 

"Oh, well okay. I dunno man, I'm just super bummed lately nobody wants to hang out and it's really boring."

"Yeah that's hard, I'm a frog and a lot of times nobody will talk to me because it's beyond the laws of nature but what can you do?" the frog replied.

"I guess." mumbled back the dude.

"I tell you what, on every night there's a full moon, bring me a cookie and I promise you you'll have more friends than ever on the fourth full moon."

"That's like, forever."

"Just shut up please and bring me the cookies as I say."

The man figured he had nothing better to do on nights when there was a full moon, and if talking frogs were real, perhaps this whole thing could work out. For the next few lunar cycles, the man dutifully fulfilled his promise to the frog. On the night of the third full moon, the frog instructed him that the next time he visits to not bring anything.

Now, the guy was pretty mad because still nobody was calling on him, still nobody was swiping his doorway, and he was still super depressed and starting to be a little annoying actually. But still, he did as he was bid by the frog and returned the next evening. After all he did say the fourth full moon. 

"Frog, what is your problem? This isn't working!" yelled the guy. The frog didn't seem to care and went to go rummage for something in his house. He returned with the three cookies the man had brought.

"What?! I thought you were going to do some magic moon voodoo, what the hell, man?!"

"Take these cookies and go into the town square and tell some strangers that you have cookies to share, and you shall have your friends, your plans, and your whatever. And then I won't have to deal with your complaining ever again."

"Genius!" the man screamed as he took the cookies into town. He shared two of them with some townspeople he'd seen around and they all became the best of friends. He was keeping the last one for himself, but then he saw a beautiful princess and shared it with her so they got married and now he's the richest most powerful man in all the land. 

It's because of the cookies.