The Dragon Bake

Find ovens wherever you can

Pretty much every abandoned castle has two things: a crazy dragon, and a princess who's been cast out by her parents for some ridiculous reason (really just bad parenting there). This is the story of one of those castles and one of those women.

Since she could remember, Esther was locked in a tower and guarded by a fierce dragon, but she had no idea why. She faintly remembered being put their by her parents, but she hadn't seen them in years. She befriended all the animals, and generally spent her day hanging out and talking to squirrels. In her heart she knew that she was descending into madness. 

Every time she attempted to escape, the dragon would spit fire at her. Some brave knights had attempted to save her, but they found themselves incompetent and were quickly burned to a crisp. She knew it was up to her to get out of this mess. 

One night, she gathered her council of woodland creatures and hatched a plan. She told the squirrels to bring her flour, the mice to get her some butter, the iguanas to get her some sugar, the bugs to get her some sugar, and the chickens to lay her some eggs. All was done as she bid, and she mixed everything together into a dough. A cookie dough. A giant ball of cookie dough.

That night, she grabbed the ball and ran from her tower. As expected the dragon attacked her, and she threw the dough in its face. The dough instantly baked into a cookie when it hit the dragon's fire. The dragon ate it. It was so good. He was so happy and satisfied that he let her get on his back and fly to her parents' castle where she had them arrested for child endangerment and she abolished the monarchy. Hooray for cookies.