Why do you ship every Monday?
Well that's an excellent question, Sally. We are a very small operation with not but a small oven and just four hands in total on a good day. Any orders placed Monday thru Friday will be baked on Saturday and Sunday, to be shipped out on Monday. This helps us make sure you don't get stale cookies, which are garbage (unless they're Oreos).

Why is the supply so limited?
These cookies are a luxury that takes time to create. We only ship ten batches a week to make sure we can keep the quality up, along with our own sanity.

I need cookies. Immediately.
Okay then. There are cookie emergencies, and we understand that. Your best course of action is to DM @johnjannuzzi on Instagram. Depending on his mood, he may be able to sort you out.

What if I want lots of cookies for a big party?
Strictly speaking, half of our operation hates parties. But, we are more than willing to make you a big batch. Big batches can max out at 500 cookies, which are a huge hit at weddings, bris ceremonies, and times of mourning. The more notice the better.

Why are you cookies named after dogs?
We've been fortunate enough to know many great dogs in our lives. They've brought us joy, whether they belonged to us or not, and we wanted to immortalize them. Don't you think they deserve it?

Do you ship all over the country?
To help get you the freshest cookie possible, we have to keep our shipping zones to the tri-state area for now. We're not thrilled about it, but nobody outside of our immediate circle of friends in New York City cares about these right now so it shouldn't be a problem.

How do I get the tote bag? The T-shirt?
Merch comes and merch goes. We'll keep everybody posted when we have new merch to send out.

How many calories do your cookies have?
Look. They have a lot. You're not eating these for health.

Do your cookies have nuts?
Some do! Any nuts or sensitivities will be marked on the product page on this site and on packaging. 

You keep saying we like there's more than one person involved?