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How to Get Jannuzzi's Cookies

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"So cute and delicious. The cookie itself is the perfect crunchiness, arrived super fresh, and has a little twist of cinnamon which was an unexpected treat."

Alison, New York


"This is perhaps the best chocolate chip cookie in the world."

Chuck, New York


"They are rich in flavor (hello cinnamon!) but light enough to make eating half the bag in one day possible."

Meredith, Georgia

The Sweet Stuff

We started this company a few years ago and began with only a few batches a week. We'd watch them sell out over the course of a few hours and as time went on, they sold out over a few minutes. Since those days, we've grown our operation (slightly) and added a host of new flavors to the lineup. We do our best to deliver you the best cookie you've ever had. Thanks for swinging by.