Jannuzzi's Cookies Founder John JannuzziI've been eating cookies for my entire life, which is long enough to know that there's nothing better. It's sort of a blessing and a curse that I can't resist them. Attraction to rich and sugary foods is a typical trait for a Sagittarius, or so I've been told. They're always welcome after a meal (and often before) because they're the perfect dessert. They're quick moments where you can forget about everything wrong, and focus on everything buttery, everything sugary, and everything good.

Astrologically disposed or not, I set out to create my own perfect version of a chocolate chip cookie a few years ago. In my pursuit of this sweet golden mean, I meticulously experimented with proportions of sugar, flour, eggs, chocolate, and a few other choice ingredients (they're secret). After months and months of testing, eating, and tinkering, I landed on the perfect recipe — a chocolate chip cookie that's satisfying, nostalgic, and not at all healthy.

Batches upon batches were made and given to colleagues, friends, and everybody in between. As far as I know, they loved them as much as I did (unless they were lying, which is completely possible). Each delivery brought new thoughts and ideas of what to do next. And eventually, we ended up here.

The star of the lineup is the chocolate chip, but keep an eye out for other flavors. There are occasional drops of lemon poppyseed, peanut butter, sugar, and whatever else we happen to be messing around with in the kitchen. We hope you like them.