When will my order ship?
An excellent question, because we are a small operation, we can only ship orders on Mondays.

Any order placed Monday - Friday will ship the following Monday. Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will ship on the second Monday. This also helps us guarantee that your cookies arrive as fresh as possible.

Why is the supply so limited?
All of our cookies are baked with care and high-quality ingredients. Each batch is baked on its own and we're limited to ten batches a week to maintain standards (and sanity).

Where do you ship to?
At this time, to maintain freshness, we only ship web orders to Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. However, for special orders and big batches, arrangements can be made.

What is a big batch?
Big batches are large orders that can amount to hundreds of cookies. These are ideal if you're planning an event, party, or wedding.

If I want a big batch can you make a custom flavor?
Yes, we're happy to work on custom flavors and recipes, although this is more expensive.

How do I get the merch?
Merch comes and merch goes, but we'll keep everybody updated as necessary.

How many calories do your cookies have?
Look. They have a lot. If you're not looking for calories, might we suggest some celery? Perhaps a nice broccoli?

Do your cookies have nuts?
Some do! Any nuts or sensitivities will be marked on the product page on this site and on the packaging.

Where do the names come from?
Each flavor is named after a dog of our acquaintance. We're lucky to have dogs in our lives.

You keep saying "we" like there's more than one person involved?